This is Me !

Fadel E. Khudadeh
MS Software Eng. [SMU, Dallas, Tx.]
BS Computer Eng. [Kuwait Univ.]

An experienced software engineer. Currently, a computer science instructor at Public Authority of Applied Education and Training (PAAET) College of Business Studies, Kuwait.

Software Engineering Experience

Analyze, Specify, and document requirements, i.e. by producing both (Vision Document & Software Requirement Specifications Document).

Planning reliable schedule to deliver systems by producing the required (Integrated Master Schedule / Work Break down structure, and Risk Management Plan).

Architecture Systems By applying OOA & OOD methodologies.

Produce reliable JAVA / XML / XSLT system solutions.

Conduct Scenario Tests to ensure certain degree of safety and reliability within produced systems.

Technical Skills

Languages:Java, VB6 / VBA, C/C++, Pascal, assembly, and ABAP/4.
Markup Languages:XHTML, XML, XSLT.
Web Client-Side:CSS2, Javascript.
Web Server-Side:Java Servlets.
Methodologies:UML and OOA/D/P, Personal Software Process (PSP), MVC2, Refactoring, and ER- Modeling & Normalizing Databases.
Middleware:Apache Tomcat.
Operating Systems:HP-UX, and Windows.
Databases:MySQL, Oracle, and MS Access.Tools:JDK-JBuilder, VisualStudio, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, FrontPage), Graphics Design using Adobe.


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