Student Tips

First of all, see the student orientation lecture.

Tip 1 : Plan your study to be at least 6 hours a week; for example:
  • Plan 1 ) 1 hours / 6 days
  • Plan 2 ) 2 hours / 3 days
  • Plan 3 ) 3 hours / 2 days
  • Personally, i recommmend Plan 2.

Tip 2 : To communicate efficiently with your instructor via e-mail. Kindly, experience a formal writing, and that is by following certain guidelines:
  • Create an email account that carries your name [refer to Yahoo Web mail]; for example, if your name is Steve Smith you may have,, and as an e-mail address, but not LovelySmith@.. Or Sunshine@....
  • Once writing to your instructor, your message shall be formal, for example :

    Mr. Fadel,
    I have a question regarding so and so.
    Steve Smith

Tip 3 : Improve your typing speed:
    Typing code swiftly, pushes the student to try more code. The more code the student tries the more concepts the student will lean.
    Kindly, visit All The Touch Typing Tutors page , choose the program you like, spend 14 continues days (no weekends) , 2 hours a day and see for yourself.